Imagine If Your Kid Master's Entrepreneurship In Just 6 Months!

We are empowering young minds to grow into future entrepreneurs, stay ahead in the game, and secure their financial future.​

6-month entrepreneurship program for kids(12-19 years) built upon real-world concepts that schools don’t teach!


 ☑️ As a parent, you are anxious about your young kid’s   future.

 ☑️ Your beloved kid wants to be an entrepreneur but you don’t have any idea where to start.

 ☑️ In this competitive world, you want to encourage your   kids to learn in-demand skills (AI, designing, digital   marketing, client acquisition…) and start earning at a very   young age.

 ☑️ You are tired of working at different jobs, to pay your   kids’ education costly fees. 

 ☑️ Like most parents, you’re anxious about your kid’s bad   screen time and want to divert from excessive screen time   while fostering valuable skills.

 >•> If any of the above resonates, then congratulations you   are in the right place!

 We’ve created a brand new Program that’ll help your   young kid understand business concepts in an engaging   and age-appropriate manner and master top-notch skills   to shape a successful tomorrow.

 ….and it’ll not take them 1,2,3 year. It’ll take them only 6   months.

This programme is unlike any other.

We focus on a formula that's Proven, Strategic, and sustainable.

E = (MsoC)²

E = Entrepreneurship
M = Mindset
s = Skills
o = Opportunities
C = Coaching

The Program is quite simply amazing. We hold your kid's hand and guide them through all the steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

What They Will Learn Inside The Program

5 Main principles, to make your child an entrepreneur prodigy

I am the founder of experimenterz, a dedicated consultant,
a mentor, and have 6+ years of experience
under my belt in guiding kids, teachers and school owners.
With a passion for sparking curiosity and nurturing creativity,
I have trained 1000+ students worldwide to prepare
their bright future.

Osama Ishtiaq

Here is what parents say:

Maryam Abdul Aziz
Maryam Abdul Aziz
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Enrolling my son in this entrepreneurship program was an incredible decision. It went beyond just teaching business basics; it empowered him to think creatively and communicate effectively. The mentors were fantastic, encouraging the boys to brainstorm and take risks. My son's confidence has soared, and he's already devising business ideas. This program has been instrumental in shaping his entrepreneurial mindset and improving his communication skills.
Mohammed Hasan
Mohammed Hasan
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I enrolled my son in this entrepreneurship program to broaden his horizons, and it surpassed my expectations. It wasn't just about business; it was about nurturing curiosity and problem-solving. Within weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in his communication abilities. He articulates his thoughts confidently and is eager to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. The team behind this program deserves applause for fostering this entrepreneurial spirit in our boys.
Ali Hakim
Ali Hakim
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Initially, I was unsure about how much my son would benefit from an entrepreneurship program at his age. However, this program was transformative. It didn't solely focus on creating future business leaders; it emphasized essential life skills. The interactive sessions and exceptional instructors helped my son understand teamwork, leadership, and recognizing opportunities. Witnessing his passionate startup pitch was incredible. This program is an investment in our boys' future.

After Completing this program:

After completing this program your kids will be able:

✔ To start a successful business

✔ To market themselves, win projects and make money online.

✔ To apply Pro techniques that will differentiate them as a big challenger in the crowdy marketplace.

✔ To recognize opportunities and build long-lasting relationships with clients to increase revenue.

✔ To Nail a personal brand, with a Linkedin profile and skills that make a splash.

✔ To work with global clients from the comfort of home and earn a handsome income.

✔ To Pitch ideal brands to win work from. And of course, big businesses too.

✔ To sell like an expert.

So Why Wait For More?
Kick Start Your Kid Entrepreneurship Career Today
(Without spending too much)

Let your kid join many other kids from all over the world who have transformed their lives in just 6 months.

Got burning questions? Here's your answers:

This program is designed for:

✔ Young kids (12-19 years old) who are passionate about learning entrepreneurship, business & marketing, and high-demand skills.

✔ Parents who want to enroll their kids into a program where kids can learn profitable skills and secure their financial future.

✔ Young Kids who are passionate about learning top freelance skills and want to earn in dollars.

Welcome To The World Where Every Kid Is An Entrepreneur, And Shaping A Successful Tomorrow!

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