What they will Learn inside the Program:

1). Nurturing Entrepreneurial Mindset

✔ We encourage your kid’s curiosity and problem-solving skills. Help them develop critical thinking skills.
✔ We teach your kid about the value of money & importance of saving, budgeting, and investing with real-life examples.
✔ We help them to practice teamwork and leadership in various settings.
✔ We teach your kid the value of time and setting goals, planning, and prioritizing.
✔ We encourage your kid to learn from mistakes and view them as opportunities for growth by sharing stories of famous failures.
✔ We teach your child effective communication skills,both verbal and written, to help them connect with others
✔ We discuss the concept of adapting to new situations and finding alternative solutions when things don’t go as planned.

And much more….

2). Teaching 21st-Century Skills

To make your kid on top of the competition in 2024, we teach them the most in-demand freelance skills include:

1). Social media marketing
2). Client Acquisition
3). Content Creation
4). Business Models
5). Selling Online
6). Graphic Design
7). Video Editing

8). 3D Modeling
9). Deal Making
10). Negotiation
11). LinkedIn
12). AI+Canva
13). Pitching
And More…

3).Entrepreneurial Opportunities

In the opportunities section of this program, we help your kid develop the ability to recognize opportunities.
✔How to make opportunities the most of your own work.
✔How to find them on the internet and in your networks.
✔ How to find them in an existing market.
Plus much more…
We all have the potential to recognize opportunities. It's a combination of skills that your kid can learn with practice and time.
…and we help them with this.
We confide them they don’t need friends in high places or loads of cash to get opportunities…
they just need to know how to identify them.

4). Step by Step Coaching

We guide your kids through how to be a solid mentor, including leading by example and asking their own path and making the best decisions accordingly.

We develop your kid’s critical thinking skills
The purpose of this stage is to cultivate independence and self questions that encourage and contextualize situations.

And the best part….of this program!

Mastering AI

Can AI benefit kids in a fast-paced world where everyone is harnessing the power of AI?
The answer is a vibrant yes!
We guide your kid:
✔ Understand the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its impact on business.
✔ Create captions, headlines, and other text-based content for your social posts within seconds.
Learn the art of using Prompts to Create and utilize AI-generated content effectively.

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